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TVA Ripple Effect award for Hannah Bailey 

Submitted by Rachel Killebrew, McMinnville Breakfast Rotary, Adopt-A-mile of River Captain


Describe the work that the nominee has done to improve and protect the Tennessee River (500 words or less).

McMinnville Breakfast Rotary has been cleaning our three main rivers, Barren Fork, Hickory Creek and Collins River for 14 years beginning with 3 miles and 30 volunteers and now 58 miles with 300 volunteers.  In the last 3 years, Rotary has implemented an Adopt-A-Mile Program and have 45 miles adopted by clubs, church groups, organizations and will continue this program.  During these years we have seen the traffic on the more than 100 miles of waterways in Warren County increase dramatically and became aware of the increase in rescues necessary and a lack of caution on the part of the boaters and swimmers in the area as kayaks became more economical.  Two years ago, we implemented a Safety and Rescue system to help with education and knowledge of location for assistance with Rescue. Working with the Emergency 911 Director, Charles Haston, and Chad Hillis from the Rescue Squad, we are implementing the system in stages.  Stage 1 was to install signs at every mile of the 100 miles of waterways with a four-digit code system.  CL04 (means you are on the Collins River and 4 miles from the mouth of the river.  HC is Hickory Creek and BF is Barren Fork Rivers.  The E 911 Director has the software updated to contain the GPS coordinates for every mile by the 4-digit code.  To locate the person in distress the 4-digit code provides the exact location.  This code also serves to identify start and stop places for Adopt-A-Mile Teams.  Hannah Bailey and her teams provided installation of these signs for 50 miles on the Colins River as her first Scouting Summit project.  These signs are drilled on both sides into a visible tree 14 feet upon the flood plain.  The next phase was to create information signs at every public access Area.  She applied and was approved to perform the next phase which was to design and build Kiosks at all 13 Public Access areas providing information on their location, their 911 Center 4 digit code for rescue, a map of the river with the codes to locate where they are putting in the river and where they are going as well as other suggestions for care of the river.  Hannah was approved for an Eagle Scout project and completed it on May 26, 2020.  She led a team to identify materials, design and build the kiosk, designed the signs and the team built them and installed them at all 13 public access locations.  The 911 System is also adding this information to their software for rescue purposes.  With the foliage and rock cliffs, a GPS finder system often provides the incorrect location and most people do not know where they are to give directions.  An education system has been implemented in the local schools by TN Tech Class as part of their school work.  Sparta is also implementing the same system following the Rotary system.   Hannah will be the first female Eagle Scout from our area. 

500 letters



What has been the impact of the nominee’s work?  Please be specific in detail. 

 The Rotary River Rescue project (see picture of the kiosk) has inspired and raised the awareness of Safety on the rivers by the Scouting organizations, the 911 Emergency Director, The Rescue Squad, Tennessee Tech Instructors, White County Rotary and Rescue personnel, school systems in both counties, City and County governments and Tourism.  Rotary believes that this work will inspire other counties to implement River Rescue systems in all counties in Tennessee where we have so many beautiful lakes and rivers for visitors and that having their Safety in mind will prove to be a strong support to our beautiful state’s tourism and draw for many to stay and perhaps get involved.  McMinnville Breakfast Rotary knew we wanted to have kiosks at all public access areas in addition to the signs at every mile of river but the estimate we got by buying the Kiosk and getting signs made and installed came to about $4,000/location (with 13 locations that would be $52,000) so we had given up on getting this phase completed.  Holding fund raisers for that size of project was just not possible with all of the other important benevolent projects we perform each year.  Later Hannah Bailey visited me at my home and showed me a plan she had put together that would do the entire project for $1,875.  McMinnville Breakfast Rotary immediately said Yes and she went to work carrying out her plan by assembling her team, getting estimates at a local Hardware store, Colonial Building Supply, who would ensure all of the materials were good quality and a good price, an account setup for her purchases to allow the team to work at their own pace.  The team with her leadership built all of the Kiosk, made sure that the signs were built out of good materials and would last by working with Custom Vinyl Signs.  After all of the kiosks and signs were made, Hannah led her team to install all 13 signs which required post hole digging, concrete and lots of teamwork.  Her team performed within budget and managed to add another sign at a commercial Kayak Rental and restaurant, Smooth Rapids, who rent kayaks to visitors primarily new to the area as well as campgrounds and a restaurant.  Hannah also managed to add Leave No Trace principles on the signs to encourage visitors to take care with our beautiful areas.  Because of Hannah’s Leadership, Rotary is proceeding with the last phase of the project to put signs on the bridges visible from the river on the side of the bridge beneath the road (not visible from the road) with the name of the bridge, the name of the river and the 4 digit code for Safety and Rescue purposes for boaters.  The signs have been made and we are waiting on TDOT to assist in hanging the signs.  Hannah’s contribution with her Eagle Scout project has made the entire project possible and has gained support and admiration from everyone involved. 


List any partners that the nominee rallied/worked with to make the greatest impact. (250 words)

Hannah Bailey developed the Eagle Scout project, called River Rescue and Wildlife Signs,  which was completed on June 26, 2020.   The Eagle Scout candidate project documents were reviewed by the Eagle Scout Board of Review on Saturday October 3rd, 2020 under the Leadership of Dr. Wally Bigbee, Scout Master, and has been recommended for approval to proceed to further steps in this process to be taken before the Scout is proclaimed an Eagle Scout at the Court of Honor.    McMinnville Breakfast Rotary River Project leaders, Neal Cox, River Cleanup Chairman, and Rachel Killebrew, Adopt-A-Mile of River and River Rescue and Safety program, worked directly with Hannah Bailey throughout her planning and implementation phases.  Hannah Bailey assembled her team and led the team throughout the project development and implementation successfully.  She directly worked with Custom Vinyl Signs, Rob Nunley, to design the appearance of the signs as well as the materials and protection materials on the sign to ensure longevity.  This was a large assignment since each Rescue sign was different depending upon its location on the river.   She led her team in building the 13 wooden Kiosk and the installation of each Kiosk at its unique location at a Public Access area within the County of Warren.    Hannah received approval at each Public Access area from the appropriate organization whether it be City, County, or TWRA and visited each area and placed a flag on the selected location before scheduling the installation, which saved time on the installation day.   


Please give a brief description that may be used to describe the youth individual/group on social media (140 characters or less)

Hannah Bailey developed and implemented the River Rescue and Leave No Trace Kiosk project at 13 Public Access Areas in Warren County on the Collins River, Hickory Creek and Barren Fork Rivers, approximately 78 miles of river.  This project was an Eagle Scout Service Project  in conjunction with McMinnville  Breakfast Rotary Club River Cleanup, Adopt-A-Mile of River and  River Safety Program.  Hannah previously had led a Venturer Summit Project to hang Safety signs every mile on approximately 50 miles of the Collins River with a Rescue 4-digit code that the E-911 Center has GPS coordinates in their software system to enhance their ability to find and rescue someone in trouble on the river.   (Several pictures on the social media system are needed to demonstrate the system).  This system increases the ability for the E-911 system and Rescue Squad’s ability to locate the people on the river who are in distress.  


Special Thanks to Rachel Killebrew for Writing This Grant and Assisting Hannah Through This Process! 

Thank You!
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